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about MuiPlayer

This is probably a digression. The MuiPlayer playback framework was born from the front-end development team of a big data Internet of Things project of a domestic listed company. As the main developer of the player, I also considered using videojs (opens new window), plyr (opens new window), etc., but found that this type of player is usually self-explanatory. The defined configuration is not as flexible as imagined, and the size of the JS package is as large as several hundred K, especially the lack of support for mobile playback, and the degree of style design is not satisfactory. Considering the combination of its own application scenarios, it was decided to customize an HTML5 video player that meets its own project requirements and has complete functions, does not rely on any third-party libraries, and is used across devices.

Perhaps because of my love of programming, or my attitude towards development, so I chose open source in the end. For why it is named muiplayer, the abbreviation of m is mini, and ui expresses the desire to create a beautiful and flexibly configurable player framework.

However, open source work is not as easy as imagined, it can be said to be laborious! It seems to have a chain reaction. When you complete the player function of a module, some new problems will appear here. This is the possible bugs shown in the framework, and the new idea, one by one. Ring, this has not counted how many 50 day development plans have been spent.

So far, the player has completed 90% of the function development output, which has met the application of most video playback scenes, such as responsive screen size design, streaming media support, VTT subtitles, preview thumbnails, picture-in-picture, etc., but As a result, there are still 10% or more to improve the player framework system. If you find problems or suggestions, please feel free to raise Issues (opens new window), or contact us Get in touch directly, and we will get back to you in time to confirm the answer every day.

# Consultation and support

If you encounter problems during the development process, add the following contact information to get in touch with MuiPlayer technical development || operation and maintenance personnel.

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