mui-player.js creates the basic controls used by the player, including the progress bar defined on the player, the start/pause/full-screen switch button, and the lower part of the player head control. It handles video playback and compatibility issues.

In order to make the code has good separation module, we targeted the mobile terminal and PC terminal to develop a suitable plug out of the box, when you read this you can choose to use these two types of extensions of the



mui-player.js is the core library for creating players, check the configurable api and its external interface:

# Main configuration

From here, initialize the player instance:

var mp = new MuiPlayer({
Attribute name Types of Defaults Description
container String/Element required Specify the player container
src String required Resource address for video playback
title String title
autoplay Boolean false Whether to play automatically, please reference for the setting of autoplay attribute
preload String auto Whether the video is preloaded, the optional value is none | metadata | auto. If autoplay=true, this attribute is ignored.
loop Boolean false Whether to loop
muted Boolean false Whether to play muted
width String/Number auto Initialize the player width
height String/Number 225px Initialize the player height
lang String navigator.language Player interface language, optional en | zh-cn | zh-tw
volume Number 1 Initially set the video volume, the value is 0-1
autoFit Boolean true Whether the player container height is adaptive to the video height
poster String Resource address of video cover
live Boolean false Whether to enable the live broadcast mode, the default menu configuration of the live broadcast mode does not allow controlling the playback speed and loop playback
initFullFixed Boolean false Initialize whether the web page is played in full screen
autoOrientaion Boolean true Whether to switch the direction automatically when full screen, in html5+ (opens new window)The screen will automatically rotate when the screen is in full screen, and some mobile browsers automatically rotate the direction when the screen is full.
Tag: There is a slight difference when switching to full screen in ios. In full screen mode, the system is called to play in full screen.
dragSpotShape String circular Set the shape of the drag point of the progress bar, optional circula | square
objectFit String contain The size of the video and the representation of the video container.Optional contain | cover
closeControlsTimer Number 3500 Set the time for the player to hide the controls regularly, which can be used with the toggleControls function interface; new
videoAttribute Array [] This attribute is to add more H5 Video tags. The parameter is to accept each key value object. Note that if the attribute value in the array exists in the existing setting, it will be overwritten.

If you need to configure the declaration to enable the same layer playback, the configuration is as follows: videoAttribute:[ {attrKey:'webkit-playsinline',attrValue:'webkit-playsinline'}, {attrKey:'playsinline',attrValue:'playsinline'}, {attrKey :'x5-video-player-type',attrValue:'h5-page'}, ]
subtitle Object {} Add video subtitles. Currently only supports webvtt subtitle format, please refer to video subtitles
parse Object {} Add video decoding plug-in. Please refer to: Decoding Play
plugins Object {} Add playback extension plug-in, please refer to: mobile extension PC extension

# Custom configuration

Customize the player controls and styles:

var mp = new MuiPlayer({

    themeColor:'#55c612', // Custom theme color
Attribute name Types of Defaults Description
themeColor String #1e98d4 Theme color
showMiniProgress Boolean true Whether to display the mini progress bar at the bottom, which is displayed when the view manipulation control is hidden. It is invalid when the configuration item live=true.
pageHead Boolean true In non-full-screen mode, whether to display the head operation controls of the player
# custom Object Customize player controls.Please refer to: custom player controls
custom.headControls Array Customize the player head button group, the parameter accepts a configuration array, the maximum configurable object is 5,reference
custom.footerControls Array Customize the control group at the bottom of the player, the parameter accepts a configuration array, the maximum configurable object is 5, reference
custom.rightSidebar Customize the pop-up bar on the right side of the player, the parameter accepts a configuration array, the maximum configurable object is 5,reference

# Play event monitoring

MuiPlayer manages part of the playback events, and can handle the appropriate required actions by adding a listener to the specified event. Example:

var mp = new MuiPlayer(option);
// The monitor player has been created
mp.on('ready',function(event) {
Event name Types of Function returns Description
back EventHandle Triggered when the back button is clicked.
Tag: Trigger only in non-full screen mode
duration-change EventHandle {duration} Triggered when the video duration has been changed, only occurs when the duration is greater than 1, the unit is second (s)
seek-progress EventHandle {percentage} Triggered when the user is addressing the video
fullscreen-change EventHandle {direction,fullscreen} Triggered when the video enters or exits the full screen. When the player is initialized, this event will be triggered once by default

direction: indicates the direction of the current playback, applicable on the mobile phone

fullscreen: Indicates whether the current playback is in full screen in the pc environment, this attribute is only returned in the pc environment
controls-toggle EventHandle {show} controls Triggered when the state of the control changes
error EventHandle native event An error occurred during playback
destroy EventHandle Video destruction event
ready EventHandle The player has been created

# Player interface

MuiPlayer provides some external interfaces, which implement the built-in functions of the player. Examples:

// Initialize the player configuration
var mp = new MuiPlayer(option);

// Show a message prompt
Method name Transfer parameters Required Description
toggleControls true | false - Manipulate the display state of the player control, and the parameter passes a Boolean parameter to control hiding or displaying;
By default, the playback controls will be hidden according to the closeControlsTimer, and the advanced function closeTimer | openTimer can be used to close or open the timer, for example:
mp.toggleControls(false).openTimer(); new
showToast String | Object - Pop-up message prompt, refer to receiving a character or string or object
Ojbect = { message='', duration=1500, style={} }
duration is equal to 1500 by default, in milliseconds
video - - Returns the native video element of the current instance
reloadUrl Video Src - Specify a video address to reload the resource, if no parameter is passed, it will reload by default
showRightSidebar Slot name pop up Customize the right sidebar window, reference
showLoading - - Display video buffer loading
hideLoading - - Hidden video buffer loading
openFullScreen - Turn on full screen playback
closeFullScreen - Turn off full screen playback
getControls - Get all the player controls and return an array
destroy - - Destroy the video player
sendError event Proactively send error reports