# Video thumbnail


When the video is fast-forwarded or you want to jump to a certain playback time node, it is displayed in the form of a thumbnail in advance. MuiPlayer supports the configuration of thumbnails in the extension plug-in.

The thumbnail function is actually implemented by one or more pictures. The pictures are composed of multiple regularly arranged video clips. This is how you can view various video media sites such as youtube. For example, the picture below is a tile=6x5, scale =160x120 thumbnail.

Video thumbnail

# Generate thumbnails (FFmpeg)

Use FFmpeg (opens new window)Processing video is a good choice, here we use it to generate video thumbnails. The following command can create a video thumbnail with scale=160:90 and tile=10x10:

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -vsync vfr -vf "select=isnan(prev_selected_t)+gte(t-prev_selected_t\,1),scale=160:90,tile=10x10" -qscale:v 3 "output%03d.jpg"

# Configuration

Attribute name Types of Defaults Description
thumbnails Object {}
thumbnails.preview Array [] Thumbnail configuration list, accepts resource addresses of multiple thumbnails arranged in order
thumbnails.tile Array [10,10] Specify thumbnail arrangement rules
thumbnails.scale Array [160,90] Specify the default size of the video thumbnail image : [160,90], which means width = 160px, height = 90px;
thumbnails.async Function ({ client, put }) Asynchronously return the thumbnail path, used when the thumbnail needs to request the image address from the network after the video is loaded, and return the client in the function callback to establish data reception, and put the thumbnail path insert

# Use thumbnail

MuiPlayer does not limit the thumbnail size to a specified size, but you need to specify the thumbnail size. The scale parameter specifies the aspect ratio, and the tile parameter specifies the arrangement rules of the thumbnail fragments.

var remoteImages = ['./image/thumbnail003.jpg', './image/thumbnail004.jpg']; // remote path to test
var addThumbnailRecord = []; // Add request record mark to prevent duplication
var thumbnails = {
    preview:['./image/thumbnail001.jpg','./image/thumbnail002.jpg'], // Thumbnail configuration address
    tile:[10,10], // Thumbnail Arrangement Rules
    scale:[160,90], // Thumbnail Fragment Image Aspect Ratio
    async:function(call) {
        let { client, put } = call;
        // Create a receive function here to obtain the time (seconds) and preview index that the mouse addresses to the specified time when the thumbnail is currently being previewed, and return the data through the callback function;
        client.receive = (data) => {
            let { time, thumbnail_image_index: thumbnailInex } = data;
            if(!addThumbnailRecord.includes(thumbnailInex)) {

                // Latency simulation network asynchronous request thumbnail path
                setTimeout(() => {
                        // index:Thumbnail Queue Order,src:thumbnail path
                        { index: thumbnailInex, src: remoteImages[thumbnailInex]},
                }, 300);
            }else {
                // Thumbnail position index ${ thumbnailInex } has complete request

var mp = new MuiPlayer({

        new MuiPlayerMobilePlugin({
        new MuiPlayerWebpagePlugin({

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