# Pc extend【Professional edition】


PC side extension component, this extension adds more functional support for the player on the desktop side, including barrage input, ad floating window, video watermark, small window playback, progress point cue points, and video screenshots, etc.

The plugin is written using native Js, so there is no redundancy in the code when writing the functional interface, which leads to an increase in the size of the package. Extension plugins are usually kept at the latest version, please update the main file of mui-player to the latest version before using this plugin.

# download

Value added services

This plugin is supported by the professional version, if you want to get the plug-in, please click href to view the professional version plug-in download.

# start using

Introduce mui-player-desktop-plugin.js on the page , the plugin needs to be loaded before initializing the player:

<!-- Introducing the "Pro" extension using tags -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/mui-player-desktop-plugin.min.js"></script>

Pass in the main configuration item plugins:

var mp = new MuiPlayer({
        new MuiPlayerDesktopPlugin({
            key: 'Configure your plugin secret key',

# Configuration options plus

Example to create a barrage input component:

new MuiPlayerDesktopPlugin({
    key: 'Configure your plugin secret key',
        open: true, // Whether to open the barrage component
        growSize: 0.65, // The proportion of the width of the container that the component occupies, value range: 0 - 1
        buttonText: 'Send',
        onSend(text, cleanText) { // Function callback to monitor text sent content
            // axtion
Attributes Type Default Description
danmakuComponent Object {} Create a barrage input component
danmakuComponent.open Object true Whether to open the barrage component
danmakuComponent.growSize Number 0.65 The proportion of the width of the container that the component occupies, value range: 0 - 1
danmakuComponent.position String left The position of the component arrangement, possible value: left | right | center
danmakuComponent.buttonText String - The text displayed by the button
danmakuComponent.placeholder String - The placeholder displayed in the bullet chat text input box
danmakuComponent.onSend Function (text,cleanText) Function callback to listen to the sent content of the text, the method receives two callback parameters:
text:String - text content
cleanText:Function - Call the function to clear the content of the text input box
danmakuComponent.loadIntercept Function (Element) Intercept before the component is loaded, usually here is an action to rewrite the component, and the callback function Element returns the control element
danmakuComponent.style Object {} Additional styles for components
prompt Object progress bar pointer
prompt.dotColor String #F8F8FF color
prompt.hoverShow Boolean false whether to show only on mouseover
prompt.items Array {} The progress bar indicates the point configuration item, and the elements in the array are passed into the configuration object including:
time: <Number> Time node/unit second
content: <String | Element> Hover content on mouse hover
style:<Object> Custom Item Styles
seekLine Object true show addressing lines

# Interface plus

Methods Type Default required Description
PopupAdvertise Function pop-up advertising floating window:
PopupAdvertise.content HTMLElement | String Y Advertising window content
PopupAdvertise.style Object {} Customize additional popup styles
addWatermark Function Add window playback watermark: example
addWatermark.image String Y Image path to embed watermark
addWatermark.scale Number 1 Zoom ratio of watermark display
addWatermark.position String top-right The location where the watermark is displayed, optional:top-right top-left bottom-left bottom-right
createRolling Function Create a window polling scrolling content prompt, parameter configuration:
createRolling.id String Y The ID of scrolling playback, if you want to create multiple scrolling windows, this parameter must be declared
createRolling.scrollamount Number 6 Sets the length (in pixels) to move on each scroll
createRolling.scrolldelay Number 85 Set the time interval (in milliseconds) between each scroll
createRolling.loop Number -1 Set the number of scrolling, the default value is −1, which means continuous scrolling
createRolling.style Object {} Custom add content scroll style
createRolling.onstart Function Listener function, triggered once when creation starts scrolling
createRolling.onfinish Function Listening function, triggered after scrolling, valid when loop != -1
createRolling.stop Function pause scrolling
createRolling.start Function start scrolling
screenshot Function Screenshot function to get the currently playing video frame: example
screenshot.width Number videoWidth The width of the video capture canvas
screenshot.height Number videoHeight The height of the video canvas screenshot
screenshot.quality Number 0.92 Set the quality of jpegs image output, the value is 0 - 1
screenshot.type String image/png Output image format, optional:image/png image/jpeg image/webp
screenshot.scale Number devicePixelRatio The zoom ratio of screenshot rendering, the value is 0 - 1
screenshot.watermark { image, scale, position } Add a screenshot watermark, the parameter configuration is the same as addWatermark functional interface
screenshot.onDone Function { base64, currentTime, download } callback function on completion
screenshot.onFail Function (error) callback function on failure
switchMiniPlayer Function (open, option) Open/close small window playback, function deliveryopen <Boolean> Indicates to open or close the small window to play, option <Object> Pass all widget configurable parameters: example
switchMiniPlayer.width Number | String 400 Small window width
switchMiniPlayer.height Number | String auto Small window height
switchMiniPlayer.bottom Number | String 50 Position the distance from the bottom of the window
switchMiniPlayer.right Number | String 50 The distance to the right of the positioning window
switchMiniPlayer.keepPlayerLayer Boolean true Protect the size of the player's parent container
switchMiniPlayer.transition Boolean true Whether to open the small window animation
switchMiniPlayer.transitionDuration Number 0.35 animation time
switchMiniPlayer.transitionTiming String ease transition effects for animation
createSettingPopup Function Create and pop up an option settings window:example
createSettingPopup.name String Y Popup ID
createSettingPopup.configs Array Y Configuration items, configuration rules reference:
Custom settings group
createSettingPopup.offseDistance Number 0 Specifies the popup offset distance
// Dynamically create the content of the pop-up advertising floating window
var vnode = document.createElement('img');
vnode.src = '../static/ads.jpg';
vnode.style.width = '100%';
vnode.style.height = '100%';
vnode.onclick = (e) => {
    console.log('on click action...');

    content: vnode,

# To create a video pre-roll watermark

    image: 'https://muiplayer.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com/static/image/logot.png',
    scale: 0.5,

# Create a window polling scrolling content prompt (marquee effect)

var rolling = new mp.createRolling(content ,{
    id: 'warning',
    scrollamount:6, // Sets the length (in pixels) to move on each scroll
    scrolldelay:85, // Set the time interval (in milliseconds) between each scroll
    loop:2, // Set the number of scrolling, the default value is −1, which means continuous scrolling.
        paddingBottom: '25px',
        paddingTop: '25px',
        textShadow: '0px 0px 3px rgb(0 0 0)',

rolling.onstart(function() {
    console.log('Rolling Start...')

rolling.onfinish(function() {
    console.log('Rolling Finish...')

// rolling.stop(); // pause scrolling
// rolling.start(); // start scrolling

# Get the video frame at the current playing time

* Get a screenshot of the video at the current playing time
* Note: Some HTML elements set support for CORS, such as: <img>, <audio>, <video> tags, etc., which means that calling the screenshot screenshot method may cause cross-domain behaviors that are not supported! The same-origin security policy may be supported, and the crossOrigin attribute of the element is set at the same time
* refer to:https://developer.mozilla.org/zh-CN/docs/Web/HTML/Attributes/crossorigin
    quality: 0.92,
    type: 'image/jpeg',
    watermark: { // Add screenshot watermark
        image: 'https://muiplayer.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com/static/image/logot.png',
        scale: 0.75,
    onDone:function(data) {
        let { base64, currentTime, download } = data;
        download('File Name');
    onFail:function() {
        console.error('screenshot error...');

# small window play

// open small window
mp.switchMiniPlayer(true, {
    width: 400,
    height: 'auto',
    bottom: 50,
    right: 50,
    keepPlayerLayer: true,
    transition: true,
    transitionDuration: 0.35,
    transitionTiming: 'ease',

// close the window

# Create and pop up an option setting window

var danmakuConfigs = [
        onToggle:(data, selected, back) => { ... },
        functions:'Font size',
            { functions:'12 PX' },
            { functions:'16 PX' },
            { functions:'18 PX' },
            { functions:'25 PX',selected:true },
            { functions:'36 PX' },
            { functions:'45 PX' },
            { functions:'64 PX' },
        onToggle:(data, selected, back) => { ... }

mp.createSettingPopup(event, {
    name: 'danmakuConfigs', // Specified name, required
    configs: danmakuConfigs, // configuration items
    offseDistance: 47, // Specifies the popup offset distance