# Use in uni-app


mui-player.js handles plus api by default, then the player runs on H5+ (opens new window)The environment will be compatible with the playback of mobile devices by default, such as playback control device volume, full-screen horizontal and vertical screen, immersive playback, etc.

# Load MuiPlayer in UniApp WebView

To use in uni-app, you only need to use the Webview (opens new window) component in the framework. It is actually very simple to use, you only need to copy the downloaded mui-player.min.js and mui-player.min.css files to the hybrid folder of the corresponding project, and the webviw src is correspondingly linked to our HTML file.

# plus device management (opens new window)

// Set device sound

# plus screen management (opens new window)

// Set screen brightness

// Lock screen orientation

# plus browser environment (opens new window)

// Set whether the application is displayed in full screen. Full screen display will hide the system status bar

// Determine whether the setting is Liu Haiping